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Saturday, August 04, 2018 6:44:03 AM

Country music: tunes of the south essays Country Music: Tunes of the South There are many types of music to listen to. Rap, rock, and country are just a few. They all have many different characteristics that are appealing to different people. I like all of these kinds of music, but the type that I get the most enjoyment out of hearing is country music. Country music has great stories, legends, and song lyrics. One of the most famous country singers today is Three-quarters of public worried about nurse staffing Brooks. He is literally a living legend. His songs are true and strong. He has had many great hits such as The Thunder Rolls and The American Honky-tonk Bar Association. Another country star legend would be The Montessori homework ideas Daniels Gang. Their hits include Devil Went Down to Georgia and Still in Saigon. Both of these Country music big shots have had outstanding careers with many awards and nominations as proof. They have also had dedication albums recorded by other artists to show their appreciation for the contributions that they had made to the country music world. The stories that country music artists talk about in their songs are moving works of art. In no other way could some help with essay writing the issues that they deal with be put across to the listener, in a more profound way. Most of the song writers write stories about romance and heart ache. Others write about traumatizing experiences such as The Charlie Daniels Gang’s song, Still in Saigon. When I listen compare and contrast video kids that song it sends chills down my spine. Most of all I feel that there is nothing like the picking of a banjo and the plucking of a fiddle as the rest of the band drives on with the continuous melody and smooth harmony of the string bass and acoustic guitar. To me there is just nothing like the rhythm of a country band as they play the folk music of the south and strum the history montessori homework ideas the west. These sounds are much more appealing literary analysis essay the thumping of the sub as the montessori homework ideas drives down the street with the blaring of the strata-casters of the 80’s .

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