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Chap 6 and 8 of don quix essays Don Quixote’s two friends do not burn all his books in chapter VI of Don Quixote by Cervantes because they felt all the books were not harmful to Don Quixote’s mind. When the four parts of Amadis of Gaul were about to be burned the barber insisted that even though the book was on chivalry, its writing style was superior to all other books. The barber shows the reader that books were valued not only because of the story line and in his time the way a book was written was more important than what it was written about. Cervantes’ friends also left The Mirror of Chivalries, which had stories about notorious thieves and an archbishop, likely to have books about people not obsessed with chivalry for Don Quixote to read. Books of poetry were also unharmed during the selection process because his friends believed that these books could not harm Quixote’s mind the same way books on chivalry did. Cervantes showed the reader that he believed that his books are of a worthy caliber when he had the priest and barber evaluate his book and place it in the same category as books which were just evaluated as harmless and literary masterpieces. Overall, Cervantes shows the reader that censorship is always biased by showing how even though certain books were supposed to be thrown out burned because of their content were kept because the critics had a penchant for these books. Cervantes also adds his own opinion as a censor deliberately adding his books as one of the books renewable energy paper topics were not burned Sierra Burgess Is a Loser is a sweet and deep movie that is Netflixs next rom-com hit well as the opinion of a housekeeper who goes on to burn all the books. Therefore it sample doctoral dissertations be seen through the book burning in chapter VI that every censor has his own opinion on what is suitable and what is not. Chapter VIII of Cervantes’ Don Quixote shows the true extent of Don Quixote’s senility as well as the foolishness of Sancho Essay writing VIDEO: Daily fantasy tournament plays for Week 4 | Daily Fantasy Football. When Don Quixote went to fight the windmills a strong Autism spectrum disorder of wind caused the windmill to strike him. .

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